P.S.65 Auction.

Website www.kilyakovsamara.ru the Work is sold with the rights to it. There are three entries on the site's title page: 0)Title page, 1) Photo, 2) Verse, 3)Work, 4) P. S. 50 Master O or God of Happiness and group photo :

0) Title page, A4 size, 1 page.

1) The Picture is A4 , 1 page.

2) Mandala A4 ,1 page.

3) Table of contents A4 1 page.

4) P. S. 50 Master O or God of Happiness and photo A4 1 page.

The site volume is about four hundred A4 pages . The auction will last until 28.05.2022. The initial cost is one million euros . If the final amount is guessed, available and paid for the site with all legal procedures, the auction will stop before the specified period . Look , decide, think , and be careful . Time passes quickly . The site was created for thirty years , and it took another thirty years to prepare it.

Sincerely, Viktor Ivanovich Kilyakov, Samara Russia.
address: 443011 Russia, Samara, Gastello str. 35A, 113 sq.
Email address : kilyakovsamara@mail.ru
06.08.2020 year
Kilyakov V. I. 28.05.1960 g. R. lame electronic engineer, chasing charms.